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Vertel Hand Held Portable Radios offer longer range and are known for reliability, stable performance and operation in most rugged environment. Vertel Hand Held Radio, VL-767 is incorporating leading-edge capability in terms of features sets, an Analog Radio can offer. Multi signalling capability, wide frequency band coverage in VHF and UHF bands, longer communication range, crisp and loud audio and longer lasting battery life.              VL-767 has been tested by NABL approved laboratories to meet extreme environmental conditions for operations.
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Main Features

✅Key Analog Features

  • • Multiple signaling and flexible Selective Call
  • • Versatile Scanning Features
  • • Audio Compander  Built-in audio compander compresses the audio
  • • Remote Kill/ Stun/ Activate/ Revive
  • • Lone Worker  The radio enters emergency mode if the user does not respond to a warning call
  • • Dust and Rain Resistant
  • • GPS (Optional)  GPS function supported by control centre and management software