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5 Advantages of Using Two-Way Radios Instead of Cellphones

Communication is the most important thing in any human’s life. People can’t live without interacting with each other as we are social animals- some prefer to speak in person, whereas some like to speak over a phone call or a video call. But there are also some who choose to communicate over license free walkie-talkie as these products hold a strong advantage over cellphones.

In this blog we’ll talk about 5 advantages of the best handheld walkie talkies over cellphones: 

1. Walkie-Talkies are available even during emergencies: If there is any kind of contingency- like earthquake, fire or flood, the whole cellphone infrastructure comes down crashing in no time, but a walkie-talkie can always connect through no matter what the emergency situation is. Furthermore, in such scenarios, it will be very convenient to inform everyone at the same time, instead of calling an individual telephone number by means of a phone.

2. Light-weight resilience: Two-way radios are designed to be light weight and lasting. Nowadays, most of the cellphone requires a protective case for use on the jobsite, the best outdoor walkie-talkies are typically built to use rough, so these devices are less likely to break or break even when dropped. Further, walkie-talkies are created with long battery life, with lots of designs able to continue operating for over 18 hours. 

3. Within Budget and No longer term expense: Walkie talkies are cheaper than cellphones. There are no regular monthly charges, service contracts or calling minutes required to connect over the best inexpensive walkie-talkie. Further, several people can connect at the same time over the same radio signal, and even share the same radio, cutting down additional expenses on investment of devices by per worker. Two way radios can be pricey, but they at the end if compared with the total expenses of a cellphone will still cost much cheaper- and will be much more reliable at any point in time.

4. Clear Voice Quality: Walkie-talkies connect over radio signals, unlike cellphones that connect over cellular signals which face congestion at regular intervals. The story is not the same with walkie-talkie for business use, as they require clear voice quality at all times without any lack. In fact, some walkie-talkies offer functions that lower the sound and allow resistance to vibration or severe temperature levels and are water proof.

5. Easy and convenient settings: The use of walkie talkies limit is very convenient and easy. These products require minimum attention to operate as there are certain touch-button features that allow immediate interaction with the opposite party, creating an easy way to communicate, whereas cellphones require a lot of searches and click making it difficult for the older generation.

Vertel Digital offers some of the best quality walkie talkies that enable its user to connect and communicate as per their choice of time and convenience. The brand offers walkie-talkies that are license free as well as the best in the market to cater to the clients’ needs.

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