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5 Reasons your Construction Business needs a Two-Way Radio System

A walkie talkie is something that once taken out is going to get used literally all the time for the next few days and then stay hidden inside the closet literally for the entire year until you’re planning for a hiking or camping trip. And, now once you take them out and try to turn them on, and oops, they don’t work anymore. So, what to do now? You follow these steps to troubleshoot your problem and try and see if your long range walkie talkie works now:

Step 1: Verify if the batteries are installed correctly.

Ensure that the batteries or cells are installed correctly and with the proper charges connected, that is, the positive charge of the battery is connected to the negative of your best outdoor walkie talkie and vice versa. In case they’re not installed correctly, then reposition the battery cells.

Step 2: Verify whether the walkie talkie is really turned on or not or if the On/Off switch is broken.

A few types of wireless walkie talkies require the power button to be held down for a few seconds before turning on. So, try and hold down the power button and if they still don’t turn on, then it could also mean that the On/Off power switch has been broken or is not working properly due to some reason. In that case, the only option is to replace the button.

Step 3: Verify if the batteries are charged or not.

Sometimes when the batteries are kept unused for a long time, they either tend to get discharged or they die off. So, check whether the batteries are still working or not, by either charging them again and plugging them in the walkie talkie again, or by using them in other appliances. In case the batteries are dead, then use new batteries instead and plug them in the best handheld walkie talkies and then try to turn them on.

Step 4: Try to switch on the Walkie Talkie.

After troubleshooting through the above steps, if the walkie talkie still does not switch on, then the only re-course left is to contact the manufacturer for further instructions as the fault may lie inside the walkie talkie, such as a faulty switch, or cut out lines inside the appliance, which should be dealt with by a proper professional only.

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We’ll be happy to assist you and offer you the best models that suit your needs justly.

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