6 Myth-Busting Facts in Two Way Radio World

Looking back today to the communication world, we have come a long way from the time when pagers were used to send the messages at the expensive rate to the cheaper phone calls rate these days. You must have remembered the days when we used wired telephones to communicate. Technology has evolved much faster than mankind in the last two decades. However, due to their tough looks and a very reliable mode of communication where the cellular network doesn’t reach commercial walkie talkies have a stronghold on the communication world.

Some people believe that walkie talkies are not user-friendly and prevent people from not investing in these excellent pieces of communication. Let’s break some myths that surround today’s digital age walkie-talkies:

1.      Clumsy and Heavy

Traditional walkie-talkies have been heavy, big and awkward to carry sometimes. But they have served many army professionals. Many security agencies have used these walkie-talkies 24*7. However, with the ever-evolving technology, it was time for walkie-talkies to also evolve. Nowadays, you can get the handheld walkie talkies which include features like: lightweight body structure, sturdy and well-built which are no more awkward to carry.

 2.  Costly investment

Traditional walkie-talkies used to be costly until a few years ago. Nowadays as technology is evolving and getting cheaper, it is becoming affordable to own these useful pieces of communication. These best budget walkie talkies are not only easy on the pocket and best investment but also a smart choice in a time when we can spend lakhs on smartphones that will be replaced after a year or two. Two-way radio walkie talkies have made communication effortless and affordable.

3.      Less Range and Short Battery Life

It is believed that walkie-talkies are able to work only within short-range distances. i.e. within few 100 meters or up to maximum 1 km only. Wireless walkie-talkies have the best long-range connectivity up to 2 Km. Modern-days two-way radios also offer GPS, group calls, connecting to multiple channels, emergency call features and many more. There is also one more myth roaming around the walkie-talkie world that their battery does not last longer than 4-5 hours. However, professional walkie-talkies are slowly taking over smartphones in terms of efficiency. Vertel walkie-talkies offer really long battery life up to 18 hours along with other features like LED display, searchable scan, and multiple channels, etc.

 4. Two-way Radios do not offer extra features

 In earlier days, walkie-talkies did not have additional features. Nowadays, advancements in technology have made communication through smartphones easier. Thus, it is important to bring new features to the walkie-talkie world. Besides communication in extreme areas nowadays budget walkie talkie have helped in streamlining the communication process and communicate in households and businesses too. Vertel’s walkie talkies offer 99 channels of communication, 18 hours of battery life, interesting and tough design, water-resistant, smart LED display, fast charging through USB Type-C charger and can be used by anyone for personal and professional uses.

5.      Bad sound quality

It is believed that the sound quality of the two-way radios are not sufficient and thus loss in hearing occurs which results in not transferring the messages correctly, which is not a fact. Nowadays, the professional walkie-talkies have the technology to transfer the sound clear immediately and also cancel the background noise.

6.      Ineffective team management

Communication is essential for managing the team in official setup or on the field. Using a cell phone will require to scroll down contacts or search down delivering messages to one-by-one and then communicate. Walkie-talkies can help you streamline the communication with the whole team in one go and messages can be sent to anyone sharing the same channel and also offers 99 channels for communication.

In today’s digital age, one cannot rely upon a single mode of communication, especially in the areas that are far away from cities in which people can only rely upon communication. People do not know much about these wonderful pieces of communication. These best budget walkie talkie should be a part of every business, every household because one doesn’t know when cellular networks can cause communication outrage.