Breaking the Myths around the Battery Life of Walkie-Talkies

The present era of technology has witnessed and adapted to technological advancements, especially in the world of communication. Nowadays, communication has become an important part of our lives. An emergency situation can be resolved promptly if effective communication is taking place. We have surely come a long way from transferring messages through pigeons and then pagers to the time where long-range walkie-talkies and cellular phones are being used to transfer messages instantly.

These excellent pieces of communication are dependent on power which is provided through Lithium-ion batteries. As two-way radios are increasing in popularity among business because of their durable structure, there are also some myths that surround the batteries of radio walkie-talkies that are not to be applied to modern batteries. Let’s break some myths that surround today’s digital age communication technologies:

1.      A new walkie-talkie should be charged fully

It is the most common myth among users. People believe that it is important to charge a newly purchased device fully. The truth is it is not necessary to rush to the charging outlet. The reason that the manufacturer recommends charging the device after the first start is to calibrate the battery performance. In case of emergencies, one can charge the battery fully as it will not affect the li-ion batteries of best quality walkie-talkies.

2.      Charging for a long time will soon wear out the battery

This is the stereotype myth going on for long about the lithium-ion batteries. These best wireless walkie-talkies have the batteries have a built-in function of turning off the power when the battery level is full. Therefore, leaving the battery connected to a power source will not affect the battery life.

3.      Do not use radios while it is charging

Usually, it is said that charging electronic devices and simultaneously using it causes them to overheat. But it is not in the case of best wireless walkie-talkies. Some of the devices may cause overheating like mobile phones, but not in the case of walkie-talkies as they are built for extreme conditions. Sometimes charging through fake chargers can cause devices to overheat.

4.      Weather conditions do not affect the life of batteries

Natural weather conditions affect everyone including digital technologies. Thus, weather conditions can have a major impact in major conditions. Using a mobile phone under the sun and hot summer conditions will wear them down faster. But with the case of walkie-talkies batteries, it takes a little extra time as they are very sturdy and have a robust structure.

5.      Walkie-Talkies batteries don’t last longer

As a communication tool where there is a need for immediate contact or areas where cellular reception is limited, the walkie-talkies are the best communication devices that can handle these situations. There is a myth going on for a long time about the battery backup of walkie-talkies, that they don’t have enough battery backup whereas the best quality Vertel walkie-talkies provide up to 18 hours of talk time with fast charging in 2 hours with a universal USB Type-C Charger.

 While opting for any Walkie-Talkie for any purpose be it for your business, commercial, or industrial use the radio communication equipment available at VERTEL DIGITAL. Vertel Walkie Talkies are a good-to-go option having smart features like multiple channel connectivity, group calls and long battery life of 18 hours,  are more dynamic and easy to handle.

Walkie-Talkies are excellent pieces of communication in various areas such as managing institutions, events, hospitals, restaurants, etc. Walkie-Talkie Radios are very useful in noisy environments like clubs and bars where endless communication of staff is important. In an environment more prone to natural calamities, it is a must for people to have the best handheld walkie talkies as cellular connection stops working.  

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