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Improve coordination at college fest with Vertel Walkie-Talkie

Organizing a college fest may sound like any other simple college activity but in reality, it is not like shooting in a fish barrel. Organizing college fest requires lots of effort, discipline and impeccable management skills.

Coordination and communication are the pillars for conducting a smooth event and lack in these will surely land organizers in a vicious cycle. Therefore, to avoid any mismanagement emphasis should be brought on communication gaps and when the problem is of bridging the communication gap in a fest, the best solutions available are professional walkie-talkies.

Using walkie-talkies at college fests helps in running the event in a smooth, organized and professional manner. In a college fest, different student committees work together at different levels and are dependent on each other’s work and coordination. For example, consider if one volunteer is assigned a task to supervise the arrangements at backstage and another volunteer is supervising the hospitality of guests; now, if the volunteer supervising the hospitality at 11th hour got information that guest list is updated and one more guest is now coming to the fest then he has to pass this information to the backstage committee so that the name of new guest is included in the anchoring script and also arrangements are made for his felicitation.

All this requires instant one-tap conversation and one can’t afford network failures kind of issues in such a situation (as it happens with cell phones). These contingent situations are fulfilled by some of the best range walkie-talkies that come to the rescue of coordinators with its unmatchable features.

Choosing walkie-talkies as a mode of communication in the college fest has ample advantages that reduce the work-stress and pictures a good impression of the core team in front of dignitaries and participants. In college fest a number of activities and competitions are conducted and walkie-talkies help to conduct them all in an organized manner without creating chaos. For example, if a gaming coordinator, for any reason, decides to conduct a gaming competition in a time slot not assigned to him then he needs to inform all the committees simultaneously about it so that they can mark this new change to function properly.

If he fails to do so, definitely this competition is going to end up miserable as other coordinators will not be able to extend their required support for the competition without which competition can’t be conducted smoothly. This one-to-many conversation with one tap is possible only with the best handheld walkie-talkies.

Choosing the best two-way radio walkie-talkies for the college fest is the smartest choice you make as an organizer. When it comes to choosing the best inexpensive walkie-talkie, Vertal Digital is a name one can rely upon. Of course, the idea of using walkie-talkie for the college fest will be accompanied by the budget hindrances and license issues.

But with vertel walkie-talkies, these problems are already wiped out. Vertel provides you the best range license-free walkie-talkies overloaded with features that fit within your budget. So, what are you waiting for? Pick your vertel walkie-talkie and plan the best college fest with flawless coordination.

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