Leveraging the power of Walkie-Talkie at a Manufacturing Plant

Walkie-Talkies are the best medium to connect with someone without a cellular connection, or when there is an inadequate cellular network. Walkie-Talkies produce radio-waves to connect with other equipment who use radio-waves frequency. Walkie-Talkies were invented during World War II, especially to meet the needs of military powers and or top-secret agencies.But with the advancement in technology, the use of walkie-talkies has taken a new turn. The equipment got into the hands of anyone who could afford it. People or personnel are using the technology to connect at various long lengths and various locations. Some use it professionally likes at a live event and some use it as a means of entertainment. One such use of this rectangular piece of plastic with some metal chips in it and with an antenna is at a Manufacturing Plant.

Manufacturing plants are massive properties with various departments spread over acres of land and distributed among n number of employees- blue-collar employees, white-collar employees, agents and freelancers. To stay connected and collaborate seamlessly people need to speak and exchange information, which requires a stable connection. In factories or as we call it manufacturing plant, the cellular connections are poor due to congestion, metal machinery, dense dark rooms and what not. But this doesn’t stop anytime soon, so to make this difficult situation easy, the personnel opted for connecting over long-range walkie-talkie.

So, are you here looking out for a Walkie-Talkie for your manufacturing plant, and get out of the communication fix? Here is what you need to know about Vertel license-free walkie-talkie, which will help you stay connected and stress-free:

  • Battery Life:Vertel Digital Walkies are the best in the market. They are made for commercial purpose, can be used at industrial locations and have abattery back-up of up to 18-20 hours, and also get charged really quickly.
  • Number of Available Channels:When you are working at a manufacturing plant, you need to be in tandem with all the other departments. Vertel Digital long-range Walkie-talkies help you do just that. It consists of 99 channels, which allow you to connect with multiple people through 99 walkie-talkies in different rooms and or buildings within a range.
  • Licensed or Un-licensed:While you are working at a manufacturing plant, there are chances that you might not need a license to make use of walkie-talkies. Some of the Vertel long-range and short-range walkie-talkies do not need the license renewal every year. They can be used without a license, or are license-free.


Depending upon your need, you should pick up the best quality walkie-talkie to not let your work hamper, and to make the work more efficient with improved effectiveness. Connecting over Vertel walkie-talkies will allow you to streamline your work process and enhance the speed and also better communication will prevail amongst departments without any inter-terrestrial communication gap.

You can buy your favourite pair from our website- www.verteldigital.com or from Amazon or you can also visit your nearest Croma store to have a look & feel of the product and or get a demo.

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