Here’s How I Saved My Wedding Using Vertel’s Best Outdoor Walkie Talkie

Weddings are hectic. Especially if it’s your own. I am a marketer who knows how to sit behind a desk and deliver but running around and making arrangements is something I am really bad at. To top that I decided to take the mammoth task of organizing my own wedding, for I like things my own way. Things were haywire at first and thus I decided to invest in Vertel’s best outdoor walkie talkie.

Here’s how it saved my wedding.

At my beck and call

Being the bride and the organizer of my own wedding was going to be difficult and I knew that, but couldn’t quite anticipate it. It was the day of my mehendi and getting ready to look the best and organizing simultaneously are two things one cannot do. Thus, when I was busy getting ready, a lot of things went amiss, leading to a few mishaps during the function. It was rather embarrassing but thankfully the function was a small one and I realized that there had to be a way to make communication better. I decided to invest in a few sets of Vertel’s wireless walkie talkie. Come sagan and it proved to be a worthy investment. I was able to communicate with everyone with ease.

The complex task of gift giving

Talking of sagans, gift giving is one of the most tricky things to manage. The host family is usually busy handling a number of different tasks and keeping an eye on who leaves when becomes difficult then. I handed over my long range walkie talkies to a few of my family members, one of whom was standing guard at the exit gate. The person would then transmit to the person taking care of gifts to bring the concerned person’s gift to the gate which made functioning so much more easier. At the end of it, all the guests went bearing gifts and none went empty-handed.

The dance performances

Prepping for the dance performances is always fun. We did that with ease but on the day of the event making sure that all the performing relatives are informed in time of the performances is important. Otherwise, collecting people to come to the stage can be time-consuming which may lead to delays and inefficiency. Few of the people were handed over the short range walkie talkie to coordinate on this matter. The performances turned out to be excellent without a doubt, thanks to the perfect communication.

Ever present relatives

There are a lot of rituals during the sagan and wedding where a number of relatives are needed at the same time. Coordinating between them could have been a task especially during so much chaos. The walkie talkies came in handy yet again. All the people who were needed around during gift giving, varmala, milni and others were handed over the Vertel walkie talkies and they were there on time!

Alas! My wedding was a success thanks to these walkie talkies, that saved up so much time and made sure that all the rituals took place on time. Vertel, truly did offer the best outdoor walkie talkie and I am so glad to have invested in them. To know more, head to

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