It’s only rarely that you hear a short range walkie talkie being used for household purposes. However, you’d be surprised to know how much it can help as an instrument of better communication. Yes, they have always been a fun thing to own, seeing how as kids we would die to have a set. But it can offer a lot more than that with the option of instant communication that it provides

A lot of these radios provide a constant connect by offering communication over multiple channels and are embedded with technologies like CTCSS/DCS which effectively block out users who are within range but not on the same settings and connects only those you need to be connected to.

Apart from being a useful industrial asset, Vertel walkie talkies are useful for household use to, here are some scenarios how.

Hill Station Trips

It’s a well-known fact that sometimes it’s difficult to find a network in remote hilly areas. It happened to a family of five when they headed up to Leh, and there came a situation when two of the young ones got separated from their parents. Forget finding network, the kids did not have cell phones to get in touch with the parents and of course, they were in a rather remote area to find any other source of communication. Thankfully, what the family did have was the best outdoor walkie talkie which the kids got as birthday gifts and would share amongst themselves, and luckily that day one of the kids had left the walkie talkie with the grandmother. Fortunately, Vertel’s walkie talkie saved the day.

Baby Monitor

Baby monitors are a great way to keep an eye out for your baby, however, when traveling they can act as extra weight for your luggage. Moreover, their range is shorter and they always need to be connected to an electricity source. What comes in handy then, is a wireless walkie talkie. It’s compact, light weighted and does not need to be connected to a source of electricity. Even when parents decide to head out for a stroll close to their accommodation, they can constantly be connected to their baby without having to stress too much.

Old Parents

When you are taking care of your old ailing parents, a 3 way walkie talkie becomes such a useful tool. They are not that equipped to handle the new age smartphones and with a walkie talkie all you need to do is, help them understand what buttons to press and they can very easily reach out when in need of something. With their age, it sometimes gets difficult to get up and do certain simple tasks themselves. So if you look after your parents then you do not have to hover around them at all times because they know how they can call out for help.

Well, now that you know how a short range walkie talkie can be a very handy tool for family communication, go ahead and invest in one.

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