Walkie-Talkie Lingo Everyone Should Know

Who hasn’t tried copying the walkie-talkie lingo as a kid; I remember being a Tango Charlie trying to connect with my fellow mates over walkie-talkie, “Alpha speaking! Go! Go!”, and what not. Such are the days now, when children like playing and connecting over license free walkie-talkies available in the market. Vertel Digital Walkie Talkie being the best of all, if you are looking for long range walkie talkie for children. Here are some of the walkie-talkie lingos you should know of, if you are participating conversing with your children on or around the house of a pair of walkie talkies:

  • “Go for (your name)”:I’ve acknowledged the call is for me, please transmit the message further.
  • “Mic Check” or “Radio Check”: This is said to check if the walkie set is working properly or not or for times when the battery might be dead.
  • “Go Ahead”: This is used in context to allow the person on the other side of the transmitter to go ahead and speak what he/she wants to communicate.
  • “Come In”: Please acknowledge. (Used in conjunction with the name of the person you’re trying to contact.)
  • “Affirmative”: Yes. The situation or anything is positive.
  • “Negative”: No. The situation or anything is negative.
  • “Copy”: I understood your message.
  • “Eyes On (Object)”:I can see whatever it is we’re talking about.
  • “Loud and Clear”: Your radio is working properly. (This is the answer to the next phrase.)
  • “Say Again” or “Go Again”: Please retransmit your message. (Note that “repeat” is not used over the radio. Saying “repeat” over the radio means, “Artillery units, fire again at the same target!”)
  • “Roger”: Message received and understood. (Note that this doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll follow through…)
  • “Stand By”: I acknowledge you calling for me, but I’m busy at the moment, so I’ll call for you when I’m ready.
  • “On It”: I am in the process of doing what you want me to do.
  • “Out”:I am finished transmitting over the radio for now.
  • “Over”: I am done with my part of the transmission and am clearing the air so you can reply.
  • “(Your Name) Calling (Their Name)”:I want to talk with you. Then wait a moment and let them transmit, “go ahead” or, “go for so-and-so.” If they don’t reply after a handful of seconds you can say, “(Their Name), come in.”
  • 10-1:Officially this means “transmission unreadable,” but some people take it to mean “I need to take a short restroom break.”
  • 10-6: I’m busy, stand by.

Conclusion: Using Walkie-Talkie Lingo makes you look cool, use a lot less time to convey a message and also conceals your messages from people who do not understand the lingo. Walkie-Talkies are the best way to connect and they are preferred over phone at very sensitive areas. If you are presenting best quality walkie-talkies to your children, teach them how to use it and tr

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