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Vertel DMR-8000 is a high specification advanced featured DMR mobile radio. It provides mission critical users the true functionality and sturdiness that they need for their vehicles and static stations round the clock. Available in both VHF and UHF frequency bands, the Vertel DMR-8000 is an ideal choice for users requiring reliable communication in tough environment and terrain in sectors such as Police and Public Safety, Defence Forces, Central Paramilitary Forces, Forestry, Railways, Fire Fighting Forces, Airports, Seaports and Utilities.
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Main Features

✅Key Digital Features

  • • All Call – communicate to all groups instantly & simultaneously
  • • Group Call – instant communication within the group
  • • Private call – one to one calling
  • • Busy channel – prevents talking when the channel is busy
  • • Scanning and priority scanning – comprehensive communications control
  • • Transmit interrupt – overriding priority
  • • Caller ID, Contact list – for quick identification& selection for private call
  • • Call alert
  • • Emergency call – user configurable
  • • Remote Monitor – remotely hear what users are saying
  • • Built-in Data Modem
  • • End to End encryption up to 256 bit AES – provides communication secrecy at all times
  • • Radio Enable/Disable/Kill – Ensures network integrity and security
  • • GPS – Provides real time information of the user location
  • • Lone Worker and Man Down – Provides safety to the users
  • • Radio check – informs the control station whether users are in range
  • • Text Messaging – Up to 300 Characters and Status Messages
  • • Over The Air Reprogramming (OTAR)
  • • Roaming function