UHF vs. VHF Two Way Radios – Which one is Better for You?

It is very important to identify the type of walkie talkie that is going to serve your purpose well. Installing a wrong tool not only leads to poor functionality, but also we cannot utilise the tool upto its full potential.

Vertel Walkie Talkie works on two radio frequencies Very High Frequency and Ultra High Frequency, UHF radios and VHF radios can’t communicate with one another, it’s important to consider their differences when making a purchase.

Ultra-High- Frequency radios operate on frequencies from 400-512 MHz.They can easily penetrate metal and concrete structures, that is why UHF radios are a good choice in built-up areas like towns and cities, or for densely wooded or hilly areas. In these environments, the radio signal is more easily transmitted through and around dense objects. It is also called “brick” radio because of the absence of digital displays and coarse exterior. This tends to help with the durability since there are not many parts.

Very High- Frequency radios operate between 136-174 MHz. The advantage to a VHF walkie-talkie is that it can cover more distance with less power because VHF waves are longer and remain closer to the ground. Very High-Frequency signals occupy the lower end of the radio frequency spectrum. The VHF has a longer wavelength that allows it to travel further than UHF, so VHF radios could be right if you are primarily looking for two-way radios for outdoor use. VHF radios are used exclusively in aviation and marine communication and are great for grounds maintenance workers, use in open fields, golf courses, and outdoor security environments. VHF signals don’t penetrate metal and concrete structure very well though, so VHF radios may not be right in very built-up locations.

The primary economic difference between VHF and UHF operation is the higher cost of UHF equipment. It is more difficult and more expensive to design and manufacture UHF devices. This variation in cost is due to antennas, cables, and other accessories as well as to the basic transmitter and receiver.

Vertel has long-range and short-range walkie talkies both in VHF and UHF categories for sale. Let’s figure out the best range walkie talkie for your objective.



This model is available in both VHF and UHF frequency bands and is ideal for Police and Public Safety, Defense Forces, Central Paramilitary Forces Forestry, Railways, Fire Fighting Forces Airports, Seaports and Utilities.



DMR-8000 is available in both VHF and UHF frequency bands. Similar to DMR BASE/MOBILE, it is ideal for Forestry, Railways, Fire Fighting Forces, Airports, Seaports and Utilities, Police and Security Services, Military, Central Paramilitary Forces.



This is available in VHF and UHF frequency bands for digital functionality including individual calls, text messages, and emergency calls.



VL-747 is attainable in VHF and UHF frequency bands and is perfect for expanded communication range, clear and high- sound audio 



Available in both VHF and UHF frequency bands. Optimal for elongated communication range, unwilted and loud-voiced audio.

Team Talky

Available in VHF. Team Talky can be installed in homes, offices, basements with staff, elderly, family & more. It can also be used in trekking, climbing, racing, home security, home improvement, retail, etc.

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