Advantages of having a Walkie Talkies over a cellular device

The cellphones are the most commonly carried portable communication device in today’s world. With numerous features and advancements, cell phones are indispensable both for working and pleasure. Despite the growing popularity of cellular devices, the traditional two-way radio interaction (walkie talkies) still thrives and underlines its importance. But when it comes to walkie talkies, there are lots of myths like they are complex, they are expensive, they require too much power and so on. As a result of these myths many institutions, without understanding the benefits of walkie talkies, keep themselves confined to cellular devices to plug gaps. In this blog, we will highlight how commercial walkie talkies are the most reliable interaction solutions for all the institutions. According to Motorola reseller Forestry Suppliers, a mobile phone may not be the best option for communication on the job site. The better option, the company argues, may be walkie-talkies.

There are many advantages of using walkie talkies over a cellular device. Some of them are mentioned below:

-Group Communication:-

When it comes to the group communication walkie talkies are boom over cellular devices. While you need to call each user separately and then connect them in a conference call in case of cell phones, in walkie talkies you can achieve it at a press of one button. Businesses and agencies, such as event management, police, security, and construction, find walkie talkies quite beneficial when it comes to group communication with ones at different sites.


The cost of walkie talkies is less than cell phones. Moreover, there are no regular monthly charges, service contracts and calling minutes. Thus, there is no tension about call durations and bills. Also, workers can share a radio, cutting expenses by avoiding the requirement to issue one per worker.

-Instant Connectivity:-

This is the most important advantage of using a walkie talkie over a cellular device. With only a press of a button, your connection is established for communication while with the cellphone a user has to dial the number, wait for ring tone and for the receiver to answer before communicating. Walkie talkies are thus most important when the speed of connectivity is very important and is a priority.

-Interaction clearness:-

While a lot of factors affect the calling quality of cellular devices, walkie talkies undergo all the factors and still give you interaction clearness. Unlike cell phones, walkie talkies include functions that lower wind sound and allow resistance to vibration, severe temperature levels, and wet conditions.

-Service throughout emergencies:-

Many times under the emergency conditions the communication network breaks down. Cell phone towers and landlines stop working throughout an emergency or catastrophe. But walkie talkies even survive the emergencies. They continue to work under the emergency and provide many benefits in that condition like connection can be established instantly, all workers can be contacted at once and messages can be delivered within no time.

These were the few among many advantages of using walkie talkies over cellular devices. If after reading this blog you are wondering where to buy good walkie talkies from, then do check for the amazing best budget walkie talkies by Vertel walkie talkies. You will surely get everything you are looking for in a walkie talkie from there.

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