Leverage the use of Walkie-Talkie on a Movie Set

Movie set is one of the most chaotic environments where so many things are happening at the same point of time which needs continuous coordination from long distance. The key to saving time, effort and money at such situation is communication amongst the crew members- directors, assistant positions, producers, actors, and whatnot. The use of walkie-talkies at the premise of the film/movie set can work in the benefit of the film team.

At a movie set, time and efficiency are of utmost priority, and the use of radio communication systems- Walkie-Talkie has become imperative to the very core. In fact, the participants of the film industry have also devised a special lingo and set of rules, specially designed for the people who are present on the movie set and have access to a long-range walkie talkie

So, if you are looking to invest in walkie-talkies for your production house, here are the reasons, why you should buy Vertel Digital India Walkie-Talkie:

  • Tough & Rugged Body
  • Vertel Walkie-Talkie is license-free which means that is no recurring fee is applicable and the team can freely use their walkie-talkie anywhere in the country.
  • It has a smart LED display and is lightweight (130g).
  • Long-lasting power back-up: The 18-hour battery life makes these walkie-talkies indispensable for its users.
  • The battery that is 2300 MAH can be recharged with a USB Type-C charger and it takes only 2 hours to charge 100%. 
  • The walkie-talkie comes at an affordable price and that too one-time investment, no headache of recurring cost. 
  • The one year warranty on walkie-talkie embeds the trust of users more deeply into Vertel.
  • The features like water-resistant, low battery alert, time out timer, etc. make these walkie-talkies smart for today’s era.
  • There are around 99 channels and all of them are displayed to you with the channel number and channel name.
  • Vertel Walkie Talkie has long-range of about 2 km

Also, here is a guide into learning the Movie set lingo:

Walkie-Talkies connected on the same frequency allow the holders to exchange message amongst each other; hence it is necessary that one uses proper language before communicating a message. One should announce the name of the person before communicating, and allow time to revert before further repeating the message. Also, mostly different departments set up a channel specific to each department where the members exchange brief instructions and responses on these channels.

  • Over – I’ve finished speaking
  • Say Again – Repeat your last message
  • Stand-by – I acknowledge your transmission, but can’t respond right now
  • Roger or 10-4 or Copy – message received and understood
  • Affirmative / Negative – Yes / No
  • Out – Conversation is finished, the channel is clear for other users.
  • The movie business uses some unique lingo.
  • 10-1, 10-100 and 10-2, 10-200 – bathroom break
  • Going off Walkie – turning off the radio
  • Walkie Check – used when coming back on the radio.
  • What’s your 20 – where are you?
  • Eyes On X- how you ask if anyone has seen a person or thing.
  • Flying In – bringing onto the set.
  • Switch to 2 (or 4 or 5) – move the conversation to an open channel
  • First Team – the actors in a scene
  • Second Team – stand-ins or doubles

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