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Leverage Vertel Walkie Talkie at Residential School

Walkie-Talkies are the most resourceful product designed to meet the need that arises from the use of improper connection system. Walkie-Talkies are movable products that help people at various ends within a range to connect, communicate and exchange information without a cellular network. The need for a walkie-talkie may vary from occasion to occasion, but is still imperative to the cause, and here are some points that address the need of Walkie-Talkie at a residential school:

Mess Committees: For a residential school, it is necessary to have proper and quick coordination between the administration and the mess committee for food and/or food related safety matters, as these points are amongst the top priority task assigned to campus administration and mess.
Thus in case of any urgent matter or grievance, the authorities can intervene in the matter using along-range walkie-talkie.

Hostel Events: Hostel warden usually gives permission following the permission from campus administration for any event like hostel fresher’s or hostel farewell, and coordinating for the same requires quick reachability between the warden and authorities/stake holders involved in the process. And the connection can be achieved through Vertel’s best walkie-talkie over a cellular connection.

Hostel & Campus Security: The need to secure a safe and healthy environment on the campus is highly urgent and can only be achieved through strict security measures taken by the admin, hostel security and campus security and between various check points. The security personnel should maintain constant communication. The connection at times may also be required to establish during the case of emergency and in such situations instant communication is the priority. Therefore, to avoid the network interruptions (which mostly happen with cell phones) it is better to encourage the use of walkie-talkies.

Hostel Admin & Warden: To maintain the smooth functioning of hostel activities, walkie-talkie can be the best option for the hostel warden. It helps hostel warden to maintain discipline by coordinating with the security personnel’s instantly through walkie-talkie, to keep himself informed about all the hostel activities so that he can check if the decorum of hostel is maintained or not and to make himself available to address the student issues at any time so that they feel can themselves at home away from home.


Vertel is amongst the top walkie-talkie manufacturers in India who have been in the market for over 10 years now. The use of walkie-talkie is compulsory if two parties want to connect or share a message on an immediate basis, as sometimes the cellular network may fail the parties and the situation may get out of control. Long range or short range walkie-talkies are equally reliable for a residential school, depending on the area covered by the property.

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