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Which is better for Hospitality Industry: Digital Vs Analog Walkie Talkie

The hospitality industry endeavours to provide a memorable experience to the visitors. This luxurious quality is strongly impacted by the level of customer satisfaction and management in the premises.

To ensure the quality of customer satisfaction and effective management, you need to establish a powerful communication system which can provide instant and uninterrupted connections amongst your staff to cater to the needs of your guests.

With such a huge variety of Digital and Analog Walkie Talkies, how do you decide which is the best two way walkie talkie for your business? To simplify the process for you, we have compared Digital and Analog radios for multiple situations in a hospitality industry:

Ensuring Guest Safety:

With amazing hospitality, you are also responsible for the safety of the guests as well as the staff members. In order to respond to any emergency situation, the whole team needs to be alerted at once. In such a situation, an analog radio can come out as a disadvantage since they are capable of handling a single conversation on each channel, which will eventually increase the response time and decrease team efficiency.

On the other hand, the digital radio doubles the call capacity and supports upto 4 times users when compared to analog walkie-talkie systems. Also, the Vertel digital walkie talkies are equipped with numerous additional features like Man Down, Transmit Interrupt, and GPS Tracking which ensures a more secure and active communication.

Communication Inside the Premises:

While communicating inside the hotel buildings, many users face interference due to the obstacles like walls, concrete, and more. Using an analog radio offers certain benefits such as an easy push to talk system, but sometimes your team might have to face lost signals in some areas.

Fortunately, a digital walkie talkie offers a great audio quality and wider range of communication. These radio systems are designed for better resistance to any interference in the network.

Communication across a Wider Area:

Many hospitality establishments cover a wide area. So, such places require a communication system which can offer uninterfered connection throughout the premise.

Although both long range walkie talkies utilizes the radio frequencies, using an analog walkie-talkie will show some disturbance as you start moving away from the maximum communication range.

Whereas if you opt for a digital communication system, you will receive up to 40% extra coverage. This is because the digital radios convert your voice into computer signals which can be efficiently transferred to a greater distance.

Long Hours of Continuous Use:

Many hospitality services operate 24*7, which means that you need a device which can support your operations for long shifts without any disturbance.

For long-battery life, you need to choose from the best digital walkie-talkies because both analog and digital radios consume almost the same battery power but with features like power saving mode the digital radio system becomes a better choice with its power efficiency.

Now you are ready to make the best choice for an effective communication system. Looking for the best place to buy walkie talkies?

Vertel Digital provides world class wireless radio equipment with a wide-range of long range and short-range walkie talkies, digital and analog radios.

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