Reasons Why Professional Walkie Talkies Can Potentially Take Over other Communication Devices

Communication devices have gone through various changes in the past few decades. Before the days of tweeting and texting, people used to communicate with the help of pagers and professional walkie-talkies. Over the time, the sharing of ideas, thoughts, and messages has become easier with new technologies. Due to evolving consumer needs, long-range Walkie – talkies have become a necessity for businesses. Management and even for households. The popularity of smartphones and cell phones rose due to the inconvenient licensing radio norms of government that used to come along walkie talkies earlier. Cellphones and smartphones still have their limitations when it comes to emergencies, encrypted communication, communication without network and recurring cost involved in communication. Since the government has launched new and updated licensing norms for these devices and a few best walkie-talkie brands like VERTEL has come up with license-free options, walkie talkies has gained popularity again and made a come-back almost in every industry.

Walkie-talkies are the two-way communication devices through which communications are made easier. Many central and local government authorities are investing in their enforcement for efficient and congestion-free communications for their officers. Professional Walkie-talkies are gaining heat in the number of professional areas due to its important features, that is also the reason walkie talkies can even take over other communication devices:

  1. Faster communication devices: Walkie talkie are the devices that are interconnected and you just need to tune them only to a particular frequency. It overcomes the need to save the contact numbers, messaging them and waiting for their reply back. With just one press of a button, you instantly connect with another person. They serve the purpose well with elderly, home security, adventure trips and even in emergency situations like military base camps too.
  2. Encrypted communications: Nowadays, a walkie-talkie is the device that has end-to-end encryption. You can have a group conversation, send messages or a private call without fearing about getting to tracked.
  3. Wider Coverage: These devices are suitable for places in the cities for easy management. Devices have 400-512 MHz with an ultra-high frequency range. High coverage range makes them suitable for military bases and marine operations too.
  4. Enhanced communication: Walkie talkie has the potential to stay connected in remote areas where cellular signals fail to work. It proved a very well-built feature for military areas or bases. Nowadays, smartphones depend on the cellular network upon which one cannot depend on emergency situations, such as terrain areas, hospitals, training and base camps do not depend on cellular transmission.
  5. Sturdy and well-built: In comparison to delicate smartphones, these walkie-talkies have a robust look and feel. These industrial walkie-talkies are sturdy and have a rugged design. Their waterproof body makes them reliable even in marine operations.
  6. Easy to carry- One of the main reasons there was a drastic shift from old technology to new was that it was not easy to carry. They were bulky and inconvenient. Nowadays, the invention of light and wireless walkie talkie has made it easy to use it in harsh environments. The design, look and feel of devices is very well built.
  7. Longer support: The industry experts or the military officials have long working hours on the field which at times they must have great batteries which provide them with long working hours. As longer support provides them to communicate with the team or specific person at any time.


Walkie talkies are a great communication device to be used in shopping malls, paramilitary forces, health industries, security personnel, manufacturing industries, the education sector and the event sector to manage the team workers, staff and various other activities. The Global walkie talkie market research 2018 comprises the major details and provide an analysis of the market along with the future growth and prospects. Digital Walkie-talkie covered over 57.32 % of the market share in 2016 and is projected to rise at a CAGR of 8.91 % from 2017 to 2022.

The best walkie-talkie brand VERTEL has all these features in their sturdy walkie-talkies to hold effective communications in the professional, commercial, and personal lives of one and all.

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