How a Walkie Talkie For Business Use Proved To Be a Efficient Asset

Whether your’s is a fast food restaurant or fine dining, effortless coordination is an important aspect of customer satisfaction. Now to do that you cannot physically go from one place to the other or keep coordinating over calls. You need a more efficient and fast way to do that. Thus, it was clear to me from the very beginning that my restaurant needed a walkie talkie for business use.

Here’s how walkie talkies help us in our daily communication and coordination.

Waiting Tables

There have been times that being one of the restaurants in Gurgaon’s Cyber Hub we’ve been fully booked. Usually, this happens on the weekends and under such circumstances Vertel’s short range walkie talkie is an important tool to have. We, of course, want to serve as many people as we possibly can since the competition is rather high. Thus, whenever we get a new customer out in the waiting a communication is made from the waiting podium to someone on the inside who then provides the status of availability inside. It does not make sense to keep going and checking for availability.

Communicating Orders

The traditional way to communicate orders in restaurants has been to shout them out. However, ours is a fine dining restaurant and that sort of chaos is not what our diners are looking for. People look to eat in peace and thus, our communications are fast without causing too much ruckus, thanks to the wireless walkie talkie. All we needed were two of those out of which one has been kept in a place convenient to the servers and the other in the kitchen area.

Armchair Management

The job of the manager is not just running around and ensuring things are functioning well but to also have a look at the finances and other paperwork of the restaurant. This becomes impossible if all s/he does is run around the restaurant without a second to sit down and do the desk work. We thus, invested in the best handheld walkie talkies, one of which was a constant responsibility of the manager. What this essentially did was ensured that the manager got to dedicate enough time to the paperwork while also managing things sitting in the office, coming out only when required or whenever time permits.

Increased Sales

Now having these walkie talkies handy ended up saving a lot of the management’s time. The communication from the waiting table, communicating orders and ensuring easier workflow for the manager, all in all, saved up a lot of time. Because even if you are saving a few seconds in an individual process also, those add up to saving a lot of time. This is something that is essential in the restaurant business. Undoubtedly we have witnessed an increase in sales and a better turnover by just investing in something as simple as walkie talkies.

The work environment has been brilliant due to this effortless communication and I’d definitely recommend investing in a walkie talkie for business use. To know more, head to

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