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How walkie-talkies are useful in the time of crises?

During the times of crisis, all of a sudden most of the services close down one right after the other, and telecom industry is no different and its also goes through a breakdown. There is a loss of connection for days across cities and districts and it is highly difficult to stay connected to anyone even if they live just two blocks away. License free walkie talkies or the two way gears prove useful in such situations. Although it is seen that advancement in technology has replaced these two way gears to a great extent, but at times these handheld walkie-talkies come very handy and prove to be the most useful item amongst a humans’ belongings.

At the time of a natural disaster like flood or tornado, most of the communications infrastructure- all the towers come crashing and when in crises other systems do not support are destroyed, thus no telephonic connection can be established. So, in such scenarios, the best outdoor walkie-talkies are capable to form communication within moderate distance and they are also not tower dependent, unlike mobile phone signals. Such walkie-talkies should and must be incorporated in any rescue plan and the organization must take a note of this that each and every staff person must be trained to access this radio system. The speaker and microphone are side by side to make ease for respondents. They are light weight and easy to carry. The rescue team can use it even when in locomotion.

The battery used in them is just normal and it can be changed with a portable battery of torch light. For maintaining a proper transmission the batteries should be frequently checked. The battery life is although prolonged one i.e. minimum 10-12 hours. A special note should be taken that these don’t give proper results at humid weather or when their range is obstructed by vegetation. They can be efficient in dry weather. Moreover, if a hill or any such mountain acts as a stumbling block in its path and they lose their connection.

These radios work during the crisis because they don’t need any sort of telecom infrastructure like wires and towers. They can simply connect through a suitable frequency their antenna catches or you can snap your fingers and switch the frequency for better results. But sometimes the network becomes so chaotic that frequency must be prioritized by the team.

Like another side of a coin, it has its own cons that any other radio if matches its frequency with that of the walkie-talkie then the whole conversation can be easily heard as well as interrupted so the messages sent through the walkie-talkies must be quite formal and the language used should be polite. The traditional technology always proves helpful. There are advancements in the walkie-talkie as well but the same happens with the cost. At older times the two way radios were quite economic but now a days due to various advancements it has become expensive. The dependability factor although remains the same.

Vertel Digital long-range walkie-talkies are amongst the best buy in the market and available across all the cities in India. Users can choose from a range of walkie-talkies to be prepared for all kinds of crisis and must have a pair handy. In case a family is interested in buying a pair, they must always keep their kids trained in using the walkie-talkie.

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