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Know more about the Vertel Handheld Analog Radios

In a world where communication is very important, imagine people having no mode to talk to each other when far. Before smart phones came into the picture, the world was highly dependent on landline telephones and the military on the best handheld walkie talkies. But, even after the evolution of communication technology and people moving to touch displays and WhatsApp calls.

Many people still prefer to use long range walkie talkies to manage their business or events. Vertel Digital India offers some of the first-rate commercial walkie talkies which are packed with top-notch features to enable its users to benefit at crucial times of communication. In this blog, we’re going to talk about Vertel Digital’s Handheld Analog Radio Walkie-Talkie:

Handheld Analog Radio Walkie-Talkie comes in 2 variants, namely the Analog Handheld VL-747 and VL-767. Both the Vertel Hand Held Portable Radios offer a longer range of connection and are known for their reliability, stable performance and operation in the most rugged environment. Vertel VL-747 and Vertel VL-767 walkie talkie are compact in size, light-weight and are ergonomically designed for convenient handling.

These are the best inexpensive handheld walkie talkies available in VHF and UHF frequency bands. VL-767 and VL-747 offer longer communication range because of superior material, crisp and loud audio and longer lasting battery life for you to complete what you’re up to without any break, hassle or inconvenience caused due to battery life shortage. Both these analog walkie-talkies, VL-747 and VL-767, have been tested by NABL approved laboratories to meet extreme environmental conditions for operations carried around the world. Here are some of the features that are incorporated in the walkie-talkies:

Analog Handheld VL-747: This is a complete analog walkie-talkie that enables users to stay connected at all times. It is amongst the best quality walkie-talkie that is fully packed with features:

● This two-gear offers a Frequency Band of – VHF:136-174 MHz, UHF: 350-400,400-520 MHz,
● It has 16 Memory channel,
● 5W RF Power,
● Equipped with Versatile scanning features,
● Meet MIL-STD 810 C/D/E/F/G & IP-54,
● Has a Audio Compander,
● With a BIS Approved Li-on Battery that offers long-lasting back as it is a high capacity Battery,
● CTCSS/DCS, and

Analog Handheld VL-767: A sturdy walkie-talkie that can be used in any environment, VL-767 is loaded with features of VL-747 and more. Here are some additional features that VL-767 offers when it comes to technology:

● The two-way radio offers Multiple Signalling and flexible Selective Call
● Versatile Scanning Features
● Audio Compander
● It is Dust and Rain Resistant
● VL-767 is also GPS enabled to guide you through.

So, when it comes to the features of Vertel Digital long range walkie-talkies, VL-747 & VL-767 are amongst the best buy in the market and are available on our e-commerce website, through telephonic query and are distributors in every state. Users can choose from any of the walkie-talkies to be prepared for all kinds of crisis and must have a pair handy.

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