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Things to ensure to get correct temperature using Infrared Thermometer

In the wake of Coronavirus pandemic, not just the medical industry but every people-based industry is taking preventive measures to control the spread of the disease while trying to awaken the economy. As now the businesses are opening for the world.

It has become imperative to follow the World Health Organization’s suggested measures for both the visitor such as – wearing masks, using alcohol based hand-sanitizer (time to time) and using gloves, and for the visited premise- sanitization in every 2 hours, employees to wear masks, face covers, gloves, temperature to be checked using contactless infrared thermometer before entering the premise, sanitization of packaging before leaving the premise and other precautionary measures.

Today, checking the temperature of every person has become imperative to examine if they have any fever-related symptom of Coronavirus disease while trying to not come in contact with the person. Contactless thermometers are being used at various check-points, and in this blog, we are going to talk about things to keep in mind to ensure that correct temperature is captured in the contactless infrared thermometer:

1. Measuring temperature outside the required area: Sometimes it gets difficult to measure the temperature of the human body as there are other factors in place that affect taking the correct temperature. In such a scenario, the person taking the temperature must follow the ‘distance-to-spot’ ration as mentioned on the product they are using. This will enable you to take the correct temperature unaffected from any external factor.

2. Centre of the forehead: The user must try to angle at the centre of the body’s forehead from a distance to measure the temperature correctly. This practice must be diligently followed for each examination to ensure that there are no discrepancies later.

3. Avoid any obstructions while measuring: External factors like steam, mist, dust in between the target and the handheld infrared thermometer at times, which must be avoided at all times as it may affect the temperature readings.

4. Avoid temperature shocks: It is suggested that the contactless infrared thermometer is switched on at least 20-25 minutes before it has to be used to bring the device to normal room temperature. This is suggested for all kinds of environments, especially warmer and colder surroundings. If the device is not given enough time to come to its normal temperature, it may be in a temperature shock which can be a reason for faulty measurements.

Further, we at Vertel Digital suggest that the user must keep the lens of the thermometer clean and free of scratches. All the above stated measures are important to get accurate readings. In the previous blog we talked about the common uses for infrared thermometer, you can check that out too.

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