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How Walkie-Talkies for kids help to build their independence?

Children today grow up mostly outside the home- in school, in playgrounds, at classes, with friends and more such other places, and as the competition is rising in every field- making kids independent is even more imperative today for their growth and development.

Given time, space and opportunities to self-learn can push children in a certain direction of self-empowerment and self-motivation to achieve things in life. But, if we look at the world, it is even scarier for kids if left alone- thus establishing a constant communication especially during emergencies can make it a lot convenient. 

So, what is the solution? Equipping your child with a communication tool can fix everything and also give them the wings to fly- but are they of age to get a cellphone? Then… you can give your child a kid’s walkie talkie.

This will create an opportunity and give kids the chance to use their imagination, practice decision-making skills, and experiment with their own perception of the world around them- and feel confident in their independence and ways of making life-decisions. Here are some reasons why you must associate and communicate with your kids with the best inexpensive walkie talkie:

1. Will get your kids to go outside more: Staying in constant touch with your kids will give you the freedom to feel confident in your child’s safety, and will also allow your child to explore the world with their friends, neighbours & extended family. Top rated walkie talkies for kids are available on Vertel Digital that can connect every one of your family members on a click of a button.

2. Will delay the adoption of Mobile phones: If the child chooses to engage with his/her friends and closed ones over a best outdoor walkie talkie, then it can delay the demand for a smartphone. Today, every kid wants an iPhone or any expensive phone to show off, thus parents who try to push their kids towards a healthier habit over a smart phone can lead the kid in a good direction.

3. Give them Freedom: Being scared is okay, but as children grow old they start needing their own space, time and freedom to do stuff as they please. Thus establishing some ground rules & regulations and giving your child a walkie-talkie can give the child the freedom they want & deserve and also calm your over-thinking nerves.

4. Create Communication Opportunities for them: When children carry their walkie-talkies with them, it automatically attracts other kids towards them- making it a conversation starter for your kid to fall back on. Also, further, the kid can make new friends over a healthy discussion and build a community of walkie-talkie lovers.

Where can I buy kids walkie talkies? Vertel Digital is a company that designs some of the best long range walkie talkies for people who need it- kids, parents, MNCs, hospitals, and more. If you are looking to grab yourself a pair- visit our online store or connect with us today.

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