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Use of Walkie-Talkies in Hospitals during Coronavirus pandemic

The Coronavirus pandemic has left the world in a state of shock with a lot of fear towards consuming everything in life. People are scared of touching surfaces be it the wall, floor, door handle, or their flat screen as this disease transmits faster than usual and also stays alive for numerous days depending on the kind of surface. This has affected the communication, as it is more feasible to sanitize our hands but not our phones, thus people have shifted to best long-range walkie talkies to communicate with each other.

Amidst this whole scenario, the medical industry is struggling a lot to provide a clean, safe, secure and healthy environment to all the patients- both COVID-19 affected and non-COVID-19 affected. To manage the situation, more security is required and a reliable communication that can be established at the point of time to communicate urgent matters. Other than deep sanitization, there are a few reasons because of which telephone is no more the preferred choice of communication in a hospital environment:

  • No Seamless Network: In big hospitals, it gets difficult to stay connected as there are network issues in different parts of the hospital. A seamless network is a myth and thus a seamless connection is a dream for all.
  • Congestion during connection: Hospitals likes All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS, Delhi) offer more than 1 medical service, thus there are thousands of patients who move in and out of the premise causing network congestion. And, at that time establishing a telephonic connection gets very tricky- and poses a difficult situation in case of emergencies.
  • Different Network ~ More Problems: Further, if the opposite parties have different cellular networks it becomes even tougher to establish a proper call between the two

Thus, best handheld walkie talkies are playing a very important role in a hospital setup. The various uses of commercial walkie talkies in a hospital are:

  • Entry/Exit Check-points: It has become highly crucial to maintain the in & out of the hospital to manage the Coronavirus spread. Security personnel especially need to be equipped with proper communication tools & equipment to call back-up as and when required.
  • Communication between Doctors & Medical Staff during emergencies or more: Emergencies can occur at any point of time especially during these unprecedented times, thus it is imperative for the doctors to carry the best two way walkie talkie to communicate at sudden times.
  • Communication between Cleaning Authority: Maintaining a healthy, clean and sanitized premise requires continuous cleaning and scrubbing of doors, floors, door handles, counters, etc. To ensure that every section of the building is scrubbed at various intervals by respective authorities, authorities communicate with the cleaning staff and confirm the status
  • Communication between Departments: Many department heads are working on the pandemic frontline, who have to ensure that their OPD patients are being taken care of by other doctors/departments while managing their roles & responsibility as a COVID-19 doctor. These kinds of communication are only possible through the best inexpensive walkie-talkies

Walkie-Talkies are playing a very significant role in supporting and connecting the nation safely and quickly. Vertel Digital feels very proud of the efforts of our frontline doctor, and wish the best for our nation and the world through these times.

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