contactless infrared thermometer

How do Infrared Thermometers Work?

In the category of thermometers, contactless infrared thermometers are paramount, especially in the current scenario. Gone are the days when a caregiver or doctor had to stick a thermometer under the tongue to measure the temperature of the human body. With technological and scientific advancements, contactless infrared thermometers are increasingly being used as they are portable, light, handy and hygienic. 

Contactless Infrared thermometers can measure temperature from a distance. The distance can be from a meter to a few miles. However, 1-meter distance is just apt. 

The first infrared thermometer to be commercially available was produced in 1931. Infrared thermometers work under a basic principle: All the things that have mass radiate energy in the form of heat. The infrared thermometer can detect the infrared (IR) rays by detecting the heat being emitted by the object against the backdrop of the surrounding. The IR rays are further funneled into a detector called a thermopile. In the thermophile, the IR gets converted into heat and then into electricity which is measured.

The thermopile becomes hotter with rising infrared energy. The amount of electricity generated by the rays reflecting from the object provides a reading that is then displayed on the thermometer. One can see the reading being displayed on the infrared thermometer within seconds.  Because of its fast deliverance of results, it is used in medical and commercial setups. 

This phenomenon is also called black body radiation. The hotter the molecules in an object get, the more they emit IR rays. In turn, the intensity of the electricity depends on how hot the object is. 

The infrared thermometers have a good reputation for accuracy and are highly reliable. They are a safe equipment to use as they ensure safe distance. One must aim the infrared thermometer at the object or person from a distance and the reading would be shown in a few seconds. This also solves the issue of plausible contamination or cross-contamination. Moreover, it is durable whether used extensively in a clinic, hospital, at home or at airports.  Apart from this, there are multiple uses of infrared thermometers.You can buy infrared thermometers in India online from us at Vertel Digital or get in touch with our sales executive.

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