Vertel Walkie-Talkie: Easiest way to ensure your employee’s safety

Every year there are numerous records of injuries at workplace are reported. Sometimes, these events can result in serious injuries and deaths too. Companies suffer from numerous compensations, medical treatments, and severance rates from these injured employees. Given these numbers, reinforcing accident prevention is critical. The best way to avoid this painful process is to invest in workplace safety. License-free walkie-talkies allow you to manage your business efficiently by making communication effective and hassle-free. Two-way radios are used to increase and ensure the safety of the staff by allowing members to communicate over a wide area. They are a great deal of money as no call charges are applicable. Best quality walkie-talkies are the faster means of communication as mobile phone calls take too much time in communicating messages to a large group. Walkie-talkies are the smart choice for sending discreet and immediate messages to your colleagues.

Businesses that can leverage Vertel walkie-talkies to ensure employee safety

1.     Facility Management Firms

The facility management market has been witnessing a huge boom since the revolution of Digital India. With an ever-increasing count of malls, official spaces, and other such large-scale facilities they require effective coordination for effective management services. There is a possibility that employee may harm himself/herself while handling heavy shipment/equipment and the injury occurred may require immediate attention which is possible through good communication with other colleagues where long-range walkie talkies come in handy. Installing PA (Public Address) speakers that work with wireless two-way radios can be used to ensure public safety. If an employee meets with an accident or an emergency situation, then he can communicate with his co-workers immediately and make an announcement.

2.     Construction Sites

Walkie-talkies are an important piece of equipment for construction sites. Since the construction sites are very large, it is essential for every worker to have walkie-talkie attached to their belt. You cannot rely on cellular networks at construction sites because of the need to communicate immediately or at the time of emergency. Must-have features for a construction worker to qualify for them Best wireless walkie talkie are: Excellent Range and clarity for noisy environments, Sturdy and well-built to withstand rough conditions, long battery life for an uninterrupted communication at any point of the time on construction sites.

3.     Restaurants or customer service

Working in a hotel or restaurant requires a great amount of communication. On special occasions, customers are in need of everything constantly. In order to provide the best customer service, it is important for multiple staff to communicate to meet the needs of customers. which can save time and effort. It is also possible that a mishappening or an emergency situation arises such as short-circuit or leakages.  In such situations, hand-held license-free walkie-talkies like Vertel’s Team Talky allow efficient communication of messages so that the uncertainties can be reduced.

4.     Sport Activities

Sporting events like cricket or hockey tournaments require a lot of coordination and arrangements to have a great show. Umpires also use walkie-talkies to communicate with the backend team through walkie-talkies to declare results or show slow-motion clips that the human eye cannot capture. Any emergency situation can lead to hay-wire because a large number of audiences visit to see a match. With the best range walkie-talkies and effective communication, the back-end team can communicate and reduce the stress of it without anyone getting to know about.


Two-way radios ensure safety in the workplace because mishappenings can occur anywhere. If controlled at an earlier stage, it can help control many consecutive difficulties. It is a faster means of communication to a large group of employees. We have clearly made considerable progress with regard to correspondence innovation. From the massive landlines to two-way radios and smaller cell phones, we have truly taken a major jump over the most recent two decades. And if you are thinking of the best place to buy walkie-talkies, VERTEL has a wide product range for long-range walkie-talkies to make communications easy and effective.

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