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Why should you have a Vertel Walkie Talkie?

In today’s time, when everything is about immediate or instant, why should your mode of communication be not such? With the changing times, humans have evolved in ways that cannot be measured or comprehended. People need to connect for one or the other reason, and it has to be quick.

Long-range walkie talkies are the best equipment to establish that. Why so? Let us take you through a run-down, why you must have a best handheld walkie talkie:

  • Improved Connectivity: Walkie talkies are not dependent on any cellular network. These communication machines connect over radio signals, which help connect immediately with the party with the best quality walkie talkie.
  • Faster Responses: It takes no time to pick and communicate the message through a walkie-talkie, whereas with a smartphone, you have to wait to establish even a connection.
  • Cost-Effective: license-free walkie talkie is one of the cost-effective equipment to have. With landline/cellular devices, you have to pay a recurrent amount for having and utilizing the service, whereas, with a walkie talkie, there is just a one-time investment of buying the device.
  • Long Battery life: Walkie talkie offers longer battery life over any phone. You can use a walkie-talkie for up to 18 hours in one charge.
  • Sturdy & Durable: Without a doubt, wireless walkie talkies are more durable, last longer, and have a robust structure that doesn’t break easily, whereas if you use a cellular device, chances are that it may just fall off and break in an instant.

So, now that you know why a short-range walkie talkie is an important device to have, here are some reasons why you must have a Vertel Walkie Talkie:

  • Vertel Digital is a leading provider of world-class Wireless-Radio communication equipment, which has been recognized as a Category 1 manufacturer with the Global DMR association.
  • Vertel is amongst the first in India to manufacture superior Digital Radio products from its state-of-the-art facility.
  • With 100+ years of Team experience in serving the Government and Enterprise segments in India & South Asia, Vertel walkie talkies have built a strong reputation in the industry through constant innovation in design and manufacturing using European technology standards.
  • Vertel Walkie talkies are built with a USB Type C Charger for quick charging.
  • Vertel offers 99 Channels for the user to take advantage of. Such that the user can connect with n number of people at their convenience.
  • Vertel walkie talkies are water-resistant, so if the user is out on an adventurous trip, they can still communicate in the rains.

There are many reasons why you can choose a Vertel walkie talkie, but then it will all be justified if the user tries its hands on. If you’re interested in buying a Vertel walkie talkie, you can connect with us at

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