Importance of Walkie-Talkies on a Road Trip

What is it that you think of when you think of a Road trip? Is it a drive till the mountain base and another 3 km trek to the mountain top, or is it planning a trip on your bike with your best brother to Goa or Leh? Well, when you are on a road trip there are chances that you might lose your bud while overtaking or one or the other thing. Here, comes the role of Walkie-Talkies, which keeps you connected with your friend within a range, and help you find your way back to each other.

So, are you planning a road trip? If yes, then please make sure you have all the essentials with you, especially Vertel Long-Range Walkie-Talkie. The reason why it is important to have a walkie talkie on road trips is that these two-way radio devices are designed to help you when you want a seamless connection, and especially when the cell service is limited or unavailable. This makes it easy to notify each other any trouble and ensure that everybody is taking the right route when you are travelling in a group. Walkie-Talkies act as a saviour for the entire group to stay in touch.

But while opting for a Walkie Talkie, following are some common features you must take into consideration:

  • Range: When going for a road trip, the walkie-talkie range is of utmost importance to easily get in touch with other group members. Vertel License Free Walkie-Talkies offer long-range devices with up to 2 km, which makes sure that you are reachable even when you are unreachable.
  • Battery Life: Look for the walkie-talkies with long battery life up to 18 hours or those that have the ability to operate on standard AA or AAA batteries because you won’t be having access to power while you are travelling.

If you are having trouble finding the best walkie talkies in India, you can connect with Vertel Digital which is amongst the first in India to manufacture superior Digital Radio products from its state-of-the-art facility. It is a leading provider of world-class Wireless-Radio Communication equipment that offers a wide range of products in VHF, UHF, Easy-License, Short-Range Walkie Talkie, Long-Range Walkie Talkies, License-Free and DMRs (Digital Mobile Radios) categories.

At Vertel Digital, we believe in providing robust and secure solutions with a wide-range of Walkie-Talkies for efficient communication even in harsh environment.

Conclusion: It is advisable to have a Vertel License Free Walkie-Talkie while you are travelling in India to stay in touch with your group members. It offers long-range devices with long battery life up to 18 hours. Moreover, it does not require Government permission and you can freely use it anywhere in the country.

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